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"i am _____" Affirmations Embroidered Crew Collection

"i am _____" Affirmations Embroidered Crew Collection

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Affirmations are powerful tools that can help reshape the way you think about yourself! Our new affirmation collection was inspired by the affirmation cards we pull on stream. Sometimes we could all use that little reminder to help guide our thoughts to a more loving and gentle place.

Our affirmation crew neck collection features your choice of a black or navy blue crew neck, with an affirmation of your choice embroidered on the front. As a special valentines release, the affirmations are embroidered in pink and red thread!

Need help choosing the right affirmation for you? Here are some of our favorites:

  • enough
  • strong
  • smart
  • compassionate
  • passionate
  • inspiring
  • a gift
  • a creator
  • whole
  • resilient

Can't choose? Select "mystery affirmation" & let Ariel & Bella pick an affirmation for you! 

Because each of these pieces is made to order, your order will be shipped up to two weeks after placing an order.


Customer Reviews

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Heather M.
My daily outfits!

Easy 5 stars to this collection! I ordered one that I chose and one that was chosen for me and I wear them all the time! I love how soft the inside of the crew neck is even after multiple washes and have gotten multiple compliments, especially on my “I Am Resilient” crew neck! Definitely would purchase again!

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