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Michael Myers Puns Sticker Sheet

Michael Myers Puns Sticker Sheet

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Enjoy these hilarious depictions of Michael Myers on a sticker, in the most punny way we know how! This 5x7" sticker sheet includes 5 matte stickers, each with a different Michael Myers pun! Each sticker is approximately 2x2" and is durable, UV-protected, and waterproof!

  • He enjoys the outdoors, Michael Bonfires.
  • He gives speeches about murder, Michael Inspires.
  • He's just a baby, Michael Pacifiers.
  • He's hanging up the knife for good, Michael Retires.
  • He lives in a hobbit-hole, Michael Shires.

While our stickers are dishwasher safe, to extend the life of your sticker we recommend hand washing!

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